Hall of Fame Nomination

When nominating an individual or team, include the following details in your email:
          1. Provide all information for the nominee (page 6 of link below): name, address, phone #(s),                         email address, category being nominated for; contact info of surviving relative(s).
          2. Provide contact information for person nominating: name, phone #, email address.
          3. Justification Summary: type a thorough biography of your nominee in a Word Document and                   attach in an email to: brian.lillie@sausd.us 

The link below connects you to the criteria for nominating an individual or team to the Santa Ana High School Athletics Hall of Fame.

 Link:  SAHS Hall of Fame Nomination

~Note: All entries must be submitted by November 15 of the current school year to be considered by the selection committee that year.
~Nominees selected for induction will be inducted in the following school year.
~A nominee not selected for induction will be considered for induction in future selection committee meetings.
~There is a maximum of 5 nominees selected for induction each year.

I welcome and appreciate your contributions in recognizing Santa Ana High School’s rich athletic history and tradition.
                                    Brian Lillie
                                    Athletic Director