2020-21 Athletic Clearance

Athletic Clearance:


Directions: Online Athletic Clearance
1. Select link above to take you to AthleticClearance.com login page.
2. Select your language from the drop-down menu at the top of the page
3. If new to the system, create a new Log-in Username (valid email address) and Password (a tutorial will be available for help)
4. Sign in and click on “New Clearance” to begin the clearance process.
5. Select School Year: 2020-21
6. Select School: Santa Ana HS
7. Select Sport your student plans to participate in.
A. See step 12 below if your student plans to participate in multiple sports.
8. Complete the mandatory fields for Student Information. This section requires medical insurance information:
A. If insured, click “Yes” and provide the following information:
Insurance Company, Insurance Policy #, Primary Physician, Physician’s Phone #, Preferred Hospital
B. If not insured, click “No” and the Student Insurance link will appear. (links also available below in Spanish and English)
Follow the steps on this website for registering and purchasing a Student Insurance policy to participate in athletics.

            2020-21 Student Insurance Coverage – English

            2020-21 Student Insurance Coverage – Spanish

            2020-21 On-Line Enrollment – English Version

            2020-21 On-Line Enrollment – Spanish Version

            2020-21 Insurance Claim Form – SAUSD

Note: If purchasing student insurance for Football Players, you must purchase one of the three policies found under “Optional Football Coverage”.

9. Complete the mandatory fields for the Medical History form
A. Download, print and bring the completed medical history form and the physical examination form to your doctor the day of your physical.
10. Complete the required Parent/Guardian Information form
11. Complete the required Signature forms
12.  Print the confirmation sheet and have it signed by parent/guardian.
For Multiple Sport athletes: once you complete the clearance for one sport and arrive at the Confirmation Message, check off additional sports for the current school year. Electronic signatures will be applied to the additional sports.
13. Bring the following to the Athletic Director to complete the clearance process:
A. Completed physical exam form with physical exam date, doctor signature and stamp
B. Completed medical history form
C. Confirmation Message with parent signature
14. Once all steps have been completed, student will receive a stamped and signed clearance confirmation form from the Athletic Trainer. Students are not officially cleared until verification has been made that the entire process has been completed at which time they will be cleared on the Athletics Clearance list for their sport(s).