Saints News · 2020-21 Athletics Cleareance Forms and Links

Parents and Students,

Welcome back to the start of the 2020-21 school year. At this time we are still waiting for district approval to return to athletics under phase 2 safety protocols. In order to participate in any athletics practices, when that time comes, your child must first be fully cleared.

There are several steps needed to be cleared

  1. Complete and sign the Medical History form and have your doctor complete the Physical Exam form.
    1. Print forms, have them filled out and signed, then upload them to
    2. Both forms are accessible through this link:
  2. (online registration). The link below will take you to the page with directions on accessing and the link to complete the Athletic Clearance registration process:
      1. Be sure to provide at least two different names and phone #s for emergency purposes.
      2. Be sure to print snd sign the Parent & Student signature form.
  3. Be sure to upload the following four documents onto
    1.  Completed Physical Exam (with date, doctor’s signature, and doctor’s office stamp)
    2.  Medical History (with parent and student signatures and date)
    3.  Proof of insurance (photo of health insurance card in student’s name)
    4.  Signed Parent & Student signature form (print and sign as last step of the registration).